Entrepreneurs often have a hard time with work-life balance. It’s easy to believe that you need to be grinding all the time 24/7 to get and to keep your business growing. Finding a good work-life balance is essential to your physical and mental health. It’s hard to create and maintain relationships when you don’t make time for them. How can you find a good work-life balance when you’re an entrepreneur?  

Delegate and Outsourcing Tasks

It can be difficult to let others take on tasks that you normally do, but if you’re struggling with work-life balance, you may need help. Make a list of jobs that could be delegated or outsourced. Here are some d ideas:

  • Bookkeeping and accounting, such as invoicing and data entry
  • Website maintenance
  • Office cleaning
  • Social media presence
  • Offline marketing, mailers, newsletters, and other promotional material
  • Customer service

Think about the jobs that take the most time, have the highest learning curve or that you just don’t enjoy. Of course, you don’t want to delegate jobs that make to bring in the most dollars into your company. But your employees may be able to take on some of those jobs to free up your time.

Do the same for your home. What jobs can you outsource to give you more time with family when you are home? Can you get a teen to mow your lawn? Use apps to do grocery shopping? Hire someone to clean and do laundry? Ask someone else in the family to do it?

Encourage Work-Life Balance in Your Office

If your own health and well-being aren’t enough to make you want to find a good work-life balance, you should consider its effects on your team. Your employees need a comfortable work-life balance of their own. When they see you grind 24/7, they may feel like you expect them to be available 24/7. You’ll lose good team members if you don’t give them room to set boundaries between work and home.

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