Business travel is very different from vacations. When you’re packing for a business trip, you have to remember different items than you might if you were going to the beach. Here are some business travel essentials: 

  • Expandable Carry-On.  You’ll want to keep your laptop and important papers with you instead of checking them to be put in the hold. Get a carry-on bag that is expandable, leaving you with plenty of room for everything you need. 
  • Wrinkle-free clothes.  Pack items that will travel well and let you look polished and professional when you arrive. You might want to throw in an extra tie and shirt in case you accidentally spill your coffee or stain your blouse. Think about your schedule. You may need to transition from a day meeting to an evening cocktail affair. Be prepared.  
  • Comfortable, professional shoes.  Wear shoes that are easy to walk in, but still look professional and businesslike. Look for shoes that can transition between outfits and events. Think neutral colors. 
  • Business essentials.  Pack a small notebook in case you need to make notes and can’t access your device. Make sure you have a supply of business cards. Pack a Bluetooth keyboard that connects with your handheld device to avoid lugging your laptop. Get a good set of earbuds that hold a charge, to make clear phone calls. You might also want to include a battery pack charger to have power anywhere you go. 
  • Travel comfort.  Make sure you arrive refreshed and relaxed by packing a small travel pillow and any other items that will make traveling easier on your body. Noise-cancelling headphones will offer quiet. You may want to have sanitizer, Tylenol and toiletries to freshen up when you get off the plane.  

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