If you’re trying to recruit good employees, you may feel as if you aren’t getting enough good candidates. Sometimes, it’s not about what you see in front of you. You have to read between the lines. You may be missing out on good staff members because you aren’t seeing their potential.

Here are some candidates that you might overlook.

Introverted Candidates

An extrovert often stands out in the hiring process. They’re exuberant and enthusiastic. You might be overlooking an introvert, because introverts tend to be quiet and standoffish. However, introverts are often patient and better leaders because they tend to be thoughtful and are less distracted. Don’t overlook someone because they’re quiet.

Passive Candidates

Some of the best candidates aren’t looking for a job change. Your company may not even be on their radar. You may need to reach out to your professional network to find talent that will work for you.

Diverse Candidates

Studies have shown that many people have unconscious biases and hire people who look like themselves. You may need to be more objective when hiring to think beyond your own “culture fit” to make sure you’re looking at diverse candidates.

Referred Candidates

Your employees have their own professional networks. Asking your staff for referrals is often a good place to start finding great candidates. Your employees will know who they want to work with and who might be a good fit. Once in a while they might get it wrong, but an internal referral program can be beneficial for recruiting.

The Ideal Candidate

Many people get hung up on hiring the “perfect” person with the right skills and characteristics. Take a look at what’s really important. Have two or three ideal things that your candidate must have, but then be willing to adjust.

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