Often small businesses struggle financially. However, even if your budget is tight, the best way to improve the situation is to increase your advertising and marketing efforts to boost sales. Here are some tips on how to improve your sales with minimal resources.

Leverage Your Current Customers

Communicate with the clients that you already have to find out what their current needs are. Listen carefully, and pose leading questions. They may help you come up with upgraded products that offer solutions to their problems. Another way that your current customers can help you is through referrals. Satisfied customers are generally happy to introduce you to other small business owners that can benefit from your products or services.

Run Promotions

Offering limited-time discounts of your products or services can cause a boost in sales. You can also attract potential customers by bundling your products or services together. Presenting your offerings as packages for nominal discounts inspires clients to purchase more. To increase the options available to customers, try to maintain flexibility in your bundles. For instance, if you have several possible products or services, allow your clients to create their own discounted bundles according to their needs.

Raise Prices

If you have products or services that are integral to the needs of certain types of clients, you might consider raising your prices. This will increase cash flow, allowing you to budget more for advertising, which will further boost sales. Before you adopt this strategy, carefully analyze the market, as you don’t want to alienate and lose customers.

Utilize Social Media

Use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets to extol the benefits of your products and services. Testimonials from satisfied customers make excellent social media posts. You can also post industry news, videos, and photos. Be sure to keep the lines of communication open, and respond to customers who comment on your sites.

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