Go team! Or, more accurately, Go Business Team!

There are reasons why some organizations like to call groups of co-workers ‘teams.’ The same principles of cooperation, unified goals and shared talents that work in a sports environment often can translate well into the workplace.

Co-workers on business teams are encouraged to be loyal and fight against rivals, whether it’s peers in other companies or other divisions. This esprit de corps is also supposed to boost everyone’s performance and encourage everyone to achieve excellence.

Of course, just as there are weaker teams where teammates don’t trust or even like each other, business teams can suffer from a lack of unity or poor performances.

That’s why owners/managers should use similar criteria as coaches to look for certain qualities to produce stellar employee teams. Well-motivated, bright co-workers – and players – who spend enough time with each other and share the same goals can do amazing things.

Try some of these strategies to make sure your business team is always top-notch.

Create goals

Hiring great people and putting them together is great but you may not get great results unless you provide reasons why they should perform. Do you want to reach certain revenue goals? Sell more items?  Reduce complaints? Everyone should be told the same goal and how they’re a part.

Reinforce goals

Rather than sharing the goal once, team members should be reminded regularly, including how close they are to achieving it, plus why it’s still important to get there.

Create a scoreboard

Companies can be notorious for too many analytics. But a simple chart sharing the distance toward the goal can let everyone see what’s ahead and what motivation is needed. If you and your team members are comfortable showing how everyone is doing with individual efforts, you can list performance levels which may help motivate people to try harder. Or you can share only the team score. This can both help provide a visual indicator of progress.

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