Creativity is a vital factor in the productivity of most businesses. However, studies show that the design and ambiance of many work spaces stifle creativity instead of enhancing it.

Here are some tips on boosting productivity by providing a more positive and stimulating office environment.

Provide Collaborative Areas

Although every team member should have their own space, it is also imperative in a creative office environment to have areas available where people can work collaboratively. Provide communal areas where people can get together to work or socialize. The availability of such spaces makes it more likely that colleagues will meet up to brainstorm, cooperate, and enjoy down time together.

Encourage Focus

On the other hand, sometimes your employees need an office environment that inspires individual work. They require quiet spaces where they can focus on getting things done without interruption. These quiet zones of creativity should be placed as far away from recreation rooms, dining areas, and other communal facilities as possible.

Allow Flexibility

Creative people thrive when they have the opportunity to choose where to work. Sometimes they may want to work on an idea by themselves, while other times they may find the company of others stimulating. Occasionally they may decide that the only way to focus on a project is to go home and get completely away from the busy office environment. If you allow your employees the flexibility to work wherever they feel most inspired, they will most likely increase the quality and quantity of their creative output.

Tune In to Your Mission

Your employees are there to promote the company brand and mission. Take steps to adjust the office design to reflect this. Choose colors, environmental graphics, and decor to remind your employees of the company products, purpose, standards, and goals.

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