Running a business can be exceedingly stressful, especially for entrepreneurs who think that a relentless workaholic approach will help them succeed. To cope with anxiety and the ever-present rigors of their work, many business leaders are turning to mindfulness through yoga, meditation, or other spiritual practices.

Here are some ways that mindfulness can improve your leadership.

Remain Focused

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you are intensely involved in business leadership. Mindfulness helps you maintain a calm attitude even in the midst of the immense responsibilities of running a company. A few moments of meditation or a walk in the fresh air renews your focus and boosts your productivity. The patience and inner strength that mindfulness brings also aids in your decision-making. You’ll be able to better relax, consider the options, and have peace about the choices that you make.

Use Time More Efficiently

Instead of working longer hours, use mindfulness to increase your productivity in the hours that you do put in. When you feel less stressed and your mind is clearer and better focused, you can get more done in less time. You’ll also be able to more efficiently delegate work that can be done by others.

Boost Creativity

By ceasing unproductive activity and calming your mind, you set free the inner thought processes that enhance creativity. This will allow you to come up with fresh ideas that can spur innovation in your company.

Reevaluate Priorities

Mindfulness gives you the opportunity to reevaluate your definitions of personal and business success. Instead of thinking that to be frantically busy is an end in itself, you can calmly and steadily work toward the important goals that you have set for yourself. This healthy perspective helps you live life more fully in the pursuit of experiences, relationships, and accomplishments that are truly meaningful and ultimately fulfilling.

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