Build Customer Loyalty with Consumer Financing Options

At Blackwater Capital Funding, we want to see your business succeed by employing as many tools and incentives as possible. Our credit card programs allow you to reward existing customers and woo new customers with extended financing options. With our consumer finance programs, you can enjoy increased brand awareness and add another level of customer service to your repertoire.

Benefits for You

In addition to the advertising inherent in a credit card program, consumer financing comes with several benefits to your business:

  • Increased revenue from new customers
  • Increased potential for repeat customers
  • Fast credit decisions
  • Quick deposits for products or services sold
  • Training programs for implementing system
  • Ongoing support for system use
  • Debt collection without loss of revenue

Benefits for Customers

Consumer finance options allow customers to build credit while getting the products and services they want. Customers enjoy many benefits from financing:

  • Quick credit and limit increase decisions
  • Access to revolving credit line
  • Convenience of paying on a schedule instead of up front
  • User-friendly online account management
  • Customer service they can depend on

If you are interested in offering your customers the ability to buy now and pay later, you need a strong partner to implement your consumer financing program. Contact the financial experts at Blackwater Capital Funding for a free, no-obligation consultation.