Building a successful business team and enhancing it can be a very difficult prospect, especially since many owners and managers go about it the wrong way. It’s not enough to just find a group of people with different skillsets and attitudes, and hope they all come together to drive your business forward. Here are some guidelines for building and maintaining a strong business team at your company.

Establish a plan 

The plan which your team needs to understand, and use as their guiding objective is this: ‘Where are we headed, and how are we going to get there?’ However it is that you decide you’re going to achieve your business goals, you then need to have a system of metrics, to measure how well you’re doing. If you don’t constantly check your progress, you’ll never know where you are along the road.

Implement a set of guidelines 

Guidelines can be thought of as rules of the road, i.e. a collection of behaviors, values, and directionals which will keep everyone working together well. One of the chief guidelines in this area should be mutual respect – everyone on your business team must have respect for every other member, with everyone’s contribution being considered and valued.

Make the team accountable 

Each member of your business team is there because he/she has a role to fill and a job to do. That means everyone should be held accountable for accomplishing that job and filling that role. A team becomes a much stronger group when each individual does his/her part, and this in fact, is how team goals get accomplished.

Keep the conversation going 

Even when the going gets rough, team members need to keep the conversation going. If there are unpleasant topics which must be addressed, the team needs to address them, and not let them fester in the background to degrade team performance. Just like successes should be celebrated, failures should be discussed, analyzed, and re-worked by the team.

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