Customer service is more than taking your lumps, although sure feels like it sometimes.

Super service is really about assuring everyone that you’ll make sure they’re completely satisfied and will do whatever you can to solve whatever problem they might be having.

It’s something that starts as a company philosophy, but only works when embraced by employees.  Customer service is also something th at every company should strive to achieve daily, whether it has a history of doing so or has been trying to get to this point.

Consider the following suggestions for ways to enhance – or begin – to improve your organization’s customer service in the modern world.

Use technology.

Whether they’re on the phone, on the computer or in person, your employees should have easy access to customer information. This provides information about their history, location and any other personal details. This will help create rapport with your staff and save them from having to input it all themselves.

Consider online chat.

Busy customers seem to be enjoying this option of typing their questions in and getting a typed response back. It works great for mobile-based customers who don’t have to slow down. And it works great for employees who can potentially help several customers at once rather than just one at a time with a traditional phone service.

Be personable.

Even if the customer may be brief and just want the basics, the customer service employee should take the effort to always be more cheery and enjoy the conversation. This can include pleasant greetings and good-byes. This doesn’t mean being chatty, but at least being friendly instead of brusque.

Know the answers.

Customers are contacting you because they don’t know how to get help or aren’t able to resolve something themselves. So hearing “I don’t know” may not satisfy them, even if this is true. Instead, figure out more positive ways to say this, like “Let’s find out” or “I’m going to get some help.”

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