A negative corporate culture can drive away good employees, damage morale among those who stay, and make it difficult to recruit new workers. Luckily, there are many concrete ways to build a positive corporate culture, as this article shows.

Method 1: Emphasize Work-Life Balance

According to Forbes.com, “work-life balance is crucial to employee engagement and career development.” Those are key components of a positive corporate culture. If you’re in a leadership position, ensure that your company respects employees’ work-life balance. That means honoring sick-leave and vacation requests, and also accommodating reasonable schedule requests. Keep in mind that a culture that demands 10- or 12-hour days with no extra pay is a culture that will lead to burnout and negativity.

Method 2: Create Clear Goals

Another large part of building a positive corporate culture is providing goals for employees. Goals should be attainable and clear. If they are related to performance reviews, avoid changing goals midstream, if possible: Employees who spend part of a year working under one set of goals may resent suddenly being “graded” under a different rubric. At the same time, collaborate with your employees to come up with goals that work for them, rather than simply assigning them from above.

Method 3: Set a Positive Example

If you are in a leadership position, it is vital to show a positive attitude toward the company as much as possible. For instance, even if you leave a meeting without the results you wanted, try not to show your frustration to people who work below you. If you walk around fuming all the time, employees may wonder why the company is worth their time.

Method 4: Show Appreciation

For a positive corporate culture, it is vital that employees feel appreciated. The most concrete way to show employees they are appreciated is with fair monetary compensation. Other methods include bonus vacation days, free meals, and setting time aside to highlight employees’ accomplishments in a positive manner. 

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